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Carole Cutland 30 Day Challenge

Carole Cutland 30 Day Challenge

‘November in the Park’ by Carole Cutland

Pen and Wash

Postcard sized – 9 x 14cm


If you would like to view all the paintings produced during November 2017 for the Driffield Art Club 30 Day Challenge for ‘Paint’ magazine click here: Driffield Art Club 30 Day Challenge

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Fraser Scarfe Demonstration

Fraser Scarfe Demonstration

Fraser Scarfe of Lincoln was our demonstrator at our January meeting (2018).

Fraser used Atelier Interactive acrylics to create an atmospheric landscape.

Awarded’ Artists of the Year’ by the SAA’s ‘Paint’ magazine in 2008 Fraser has gone from strength to strength and produced many art books and dvds. These are available from the SAA website: www.fraserscarfe.co.uk

Fraser Scarfe Demonstration


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Anthony Barrow Demonstration night

Anthony Barrow Demonstration night

Another successful meeting!

This month’s Art Club Meeting was before a full house when the Artist and Lecturer Anthony Barrow of Wigan gave a fascinating demonstration of portrait painting using a total mix of almost every medium available.

His fun-loving attitude and freedom of style provided a highly entertaining evening for members and guests. A host of different techniques were absorbed by the assembly which will no doubt be seen in their future work.


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Anthony Barrow Demonstration

Anthony Barrow Demonstration

This month’s meeting/demonstration is going to be on Tuesday 18th April – (not Monday due to the Easter weekend) 7pm-9pm at the Community Centre in Driffield.

Anthony Barrow is coming from Wigan to do a mixed media portrait. He ran a workshop for us last year which was very good and many of us have tried his techniques since.

Anthony is a member of NAPA, the National Acrylic Painters Association has been painting for over twenty years. Predominantly a figurative artist Anthony has a prolific output which often overflows into the disciplines of landscape, still life and abstract painting.

Email us at: mail@driffieldartclub.co.uk

For more information on joining or to enquire about visiting the club.

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Rob Gobel Demonstration night

Rob Gobel Demonstration night

Another interesting evening was enjoyed at the latest Meeting held on Monday 16th January in the Driffield Community Centre, Mill Street.

A demonstration on water based mixed media techniques was given by Rob Gobel, a retired dentist from Kilham,

The demonstration certainly lived up to its title as Rob showed his individual technique of mixing water colours  with pastels, acrylics, inks, pen work and various washes all together in one composition.

Art Club members were intrigued by Rob’s laid back approach to his work and there was plenty of interest in the different techniques which members were encouraged to apply to their own work.

The Chair, Mary Wells, thanked Rob for his talk and announced that the next meeting is scheduled for Monday 20th February at 7 pm when Heather Burton of Spaldington would be returning to further develop her acrylic palette knife paintings, begun at an earlier demonstration  in November.

Visitors are always welcome at any forthcoming meetings.



photograph: Rob Gobel with a typical mixed media landscape


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Bruce Mulcahy’s demonstration evening

Bruce Mulcahy’s demonstration evening

Bruce Mulcahy did a wonderful demonstration for us at our May meeting. Using oils on daler board he gave us a Masterclass in a ‘one sitting’ painting, blocking in the darker and mid tones first in browns then adding lighter and darker tones to depict the cliffs and sea colours. Earlier that day Bruce had travelled to the coast at Flamboro from West Yorkshire to take some photographic references for his painting. he had then travelled back to Wakefield to take his art class before setting off to Driffield to do the demonstration for us! Quite a feat in itself.

The resulting painting was stunning.


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Next Meeting 14th March 2016

Next Meeting 14th March 2016

14th March 2016

Neil Whatmore – Pastel Tulips


Meetings are held at Driffield Community Centre,Westgarth, Mill Street, Driffield from 7:00 pm till 9:00pm

Notices concerning Art Club matters will be given at the monthly meetings and updated on the website.

New members are most welcome. Subscription £20.00

Due on 1 September annually

Visitors £5.00 per visit

Please note all cheques payable to:  Driffield Art Club

Contact us by email on: mail@driffieldartclub.co.uk


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Paul Blackwell’s Demonstration evening

Paul Blackwell’s Demonstration evening

Paul Blackwell visited Driffield Art Club on Monday 18th January 2016 – the first meeting of the new year.

Paul demonstrated his acrylic techniques and produced a painting of the moors at Goathland.

Paul has promised to send a photograph of the finished painting at a future date and it will be published here, so – watch this space!

To see more of Paul’s work visit his website:



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Workshop with Claire West

Workshop with Claire West

Claire West’s image

imageacrylics workshop on Saturday Feb 6th at Nafferton Village Hall.

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DAC committee

DAC committee

Committee Meetings:

Held in the Meeting Room, Driffield Community Centre, Westgarth, Mill Street Driffield

7.00 to 9.00pm


 Driffield Art Club Officials and committee members

President Cath Inglis

Vice President – vacant

Chair Mary Wells – tel: 0781 217 8282

Vice Chair – vacant

Treasurer Janet Saxby

Social Sec. Kay Jones (ends Sept 2017)

Programme Sec. Sally Haylock (ends Sept 2017)

Workshop Sec. Brian Mellonby (ends Sept 2017)

Publicity Eric Harrod

Social Media Teresa Hollins (post to be ratified at AGM Sept 18 2017)

Secretary Sally Bell

Minutes Helen Barley


Other committee Members

Duncan Baird

Jane Brigham

Rachel Crawford

Rhona Rowley

Job Descriptions summarised
  1. President – Presides as necessary at special events
  2. Chairperson – Chairs comms meetings, introduces guests at monthly meetings and other events
  3. Treasurer – takes care of finances
  4. Social Sec. – takes care of memberships
  5. Programme Sec. – organises programme of monthly meetings
  6. Workshop Sec. – organises monthly workshops
  7. Publicity – press relations, works with others to ensure programme, posters and invitations are printed in time
  8. Social Media – responsible for Facebook and website updates
  9. Secretary – secretarial duties at meetings and communications in between
  10. Minutes – minutes all comms meetings and AGM

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About DAC

About DAC

Driffield Art Club, founded 1965

Driffield Art Club currently has over 130 members from Driffield and the surrounding area within the East Riding.

Driffield Art Club members meet monthly on the third Monday of every month except August at Westgarth Community Centre, Mill Street, Driffield.

Anyone with an interest in art, practicing or not, is most welcome to come to a meeting as a visitor before joining Driffield Art Club.

Fees are currently £15 per year, couples are £25. Visitors pay £5 which is credited against the annual fee if you then join Driffield Art Club within one month.

Meetings are held on the third Monday of each  month except August. The meetings consist of demonstrations on a wide variety of styles and mediums; lectures on artists and developments in art and the club endeavours to hold one meeting during the year when a practising artist appraises Driffield Art Club members’ work.

Driffield Art Club have a video camera, projector and large screen, together with a sound system to enable everyone to fully enjoy the demonstrations.

Driffield Art Club annual programme lists most of our activities, any extra items are announced and information displayed at our monthly meetings.

Refreshments are served halfway through each meeting giving members and demonstrators a break and a chance to meet and chat to each other, read the notice boards and have a closer look at the work being demonstrated.

Our Annual Driffield Art Club Exhibition in Driffield is held at Dee, Atkinson and Harrison’s saleroom in Exchange Street, Driffield and is our main activity when all members can enter two pieces of work to be judged by a visiting artist for various trophies. Exhibiting artists steward the exhibition, usually two members on duty each session. One of our members donates a painting as a raffle prize.

Categories for our Driffield Art Club Annual Exhibition trophies are: Guest Artists Choice; Best Flower Painting; Best Oil; Best Pastel; Best Watercolour; Any Other Medium Interior/Still Life: For Innovation; Best Acrylic; There is also an award for the work voted for as favourite by visitors to the exhibition.

At our Driffield Art Club Annual General Meeting/Christmas Party in December we exhibit work informally on a theme announced each year in the programme. Members vote for the best piece of work for the Bobbie Simmons Trophy in loving memory of a very much loved member, an accomplished artist who trained at the Slade School of Art.

If you would like to join us or come to one of our meetings as a visitor please mail the Club Secretary at: mail@driffieldartclub.co.uk or you can fill in the form on the Contact Us page and send it to the Club’s Publicity Officer.

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1 NAME The name of the Club shall be Driffield Art Club.

2 AIMS The aims of Driffield Art Club shall be:-

2.1 To encourage members’ interest in art in all forms.

2.2 To arrange demonstrations and workshops to stimulate and encourage a wider and more informed appreciation of art among members.

2.3 To pursue activities for the benefit of the members.


3.1 Membership is open to all persons who by virtue of their interest in art wish to be involved in Driffield Art Club and its activities.

3.2 The committee is empowered to award as and when appropriate the distinction of honorary membership. This is to be ratified at the Annual General Meeting.

3.3 The committee is empowered to consider applications for special membership, i.e. group, Club or institution affiliation.

3.4 Any member may in exceptional circumstances be removed from the membership of Driffield Art Club by resolution carried by not less than two thirds of the members present and voting at committee. Within twenty eight days the member concerned has the right to appeal to the Chair, who will ask three members to assist in reviewing the matter along with the member concerned and the member’s representative.


4.1 The affairs and members of Driffield Art Club shall be administered by a committee. The committee shall meet in formal session at least 3 times each year. The committee shall be quorate when one third or more members are present.

4.2 The committee shall consist of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Secretary, Programme Secretary, Workshop Secretary, Publicity Officer and not fewer than four and not more than ten other members.

4.3 The committee is empowered to co-opt members as and when necessary.

4.4 The term of office for members of the committee shall be three years, but officers, if willing, are eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting.

4.5 The committee shall be empowered to establish such sub-committees as are deemed essential to the efficient running of Driffield Art Club’s affairs.


All decisions will be by simple majority, the Chair having a casting vote in split decisions.


6.1 The amount of the annual subscription shall be determined by the committee and reviewed annually.

6.2 The subscription fee shall be payable in advance for one year. Driffield Art Club year begins on 1 August annually.

6.3 Membership shall be deemed to have lapsed if the subscription remains unpaid one month after payment is due. Membership can begin at any time on payment of the full subscription.


Driffield Art Club shall charge an entry fee plus percentage of all sales made at exhibitions. The entry fee and percentage shall be determined by committee, and reviewed as necessary.


8.1 A banking account shall be kept in the name of Driffield Art Club into which all monies received shall be paid and from which payments shall be made by cheque signed by the Treasurer and an approved member of Driffield Art Club.

8.2 The financial year shall be deemed to run from 1st August to 31st July.

8.3 An audited financial statement for the preceding financial year shall be submitted to the Annual General Meeting.

8.4 The committee is empowered to pay all or part of any reasonable expenses incurred in the course of the efficient running of Driffield Art Club’s affairs.


9.1 An Annual General Meeting shall be held within nine months of the close of each financial year of Driffield Art Club at a time and place decided by the committee.

9.2 The Annual General Meeting shall:-

Receive the Chair’s report;

Receive the Treasurer’s report and audited accounts for the preceding financial year;

Elect such committee members as necessary;

Consider and vote upon any resolution duly submitted to the meeting;

Transact any other business deemed appropriate by the Chair of the meeting.

9.3 In the event of any sudden emergency or significant change an extraordinary general meeting can be held by written request to the Chair by any member supported by five others. It can be held not sooner than twenty one days and not later than two months from the date of the written request and must be attended by a quorum of ten percent of members.

10 Insurance

Driffield Art Club is insured through the SAA for Public liability Insurance:

‘This covers legal liability for accidental bodily injury to third parties and/or damage to third party property arising out of the Insured Activities’.

‘Limit of Indemnity – £5,000,000 any one occurrence’.

‘Insured activities are deemed to be participating in Driffield Art Club’s artistic activities anywhere within the United Kingdom and overseas for up to six months in any one period of insurance excluding the USA and Canada’.

‘There is no excess in respect of Third Party property damage claims’.

Driffield Art Club cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to artists’ work during exhibitions. It is recommended that Artists take out appropriate insurance to cover their work.

11 The membership shall agree to be bound by the constitution.


In the case of dissolution, all assets of Driffield Art Club to be sold and the proceeds divided between any creditors to be paid. If all creditors are paid then any remaining funds to be divided between members.

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Workshops 2015 – 2016

Workshops 2015 – 2016

Saturday Workshops

Held in Nafferton Village Hall, Middle Street, Nafferton YO25 4JS

10.00 am to 4.00 pm

(*unless otherwise stated).


Prepay £20.00 each

(unless otherwise advised)


24 October – Rose Horspool – Acrylic Plants and Flowers


7 November

Geoff Hewitt – Charcoal, Pastel and Acrylics; Figures in The Landscape

5 December

Peter Schoenecker- Multi colour Lino Prints

9 January

Anthony Barrow – Charcoal and Acrylic Figurative work

6 February

Claire West – Acrylic Fun Painting

12 March

Robert Brindley  -Acrylic/Oil Landscapes

2 April

Jeremy Taylor – Watercolour Still Life

7 May

David Woolass – Watercolour Seascapes

4 June

Anne Allan – Inks Chinese Art


* Please note all workshops must be booked and paid for in advance.

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Driffield Art Club Annual Exhibition Winners

Driffield Art Club Annual Exhibition Winners

The Driffield Art Club Anual Exhibition was held as usual at the Exchange, Driffield (By courtesy Messrs. Dee, Atkinson and Harrison).

Guest Artist and Judge, David Thomas R.I.B.A. spent the day before the Preview evening studying the artworks that were on display and making his selection for winners and runners up in each category.

The winners were announced at the Preview evening on Monday October 7th and trophies and awards were presented by David, Club President Mimi Claughton and Chairman Joanne Blacker.

Teresa Hollins winning pic hen

Guest Artist Choice – Lavender Pekin Bantam Cockerel in acrylic (above) by Teresa Hollins.  Teresa was presented with the Ainley Trophy for best acrylic (below) DAC Chairman Joanne Blacker at our October meeting.


Best Flower Painting – below Rhona Rowley accepts the Schofield Rose Bowl from Guest Artist David Thomas R.I.B.A.

Rhona Rowley and David Thomas R.I.B.A.

Best Oil- below Rebecca Clarke accepts her statue from DAC Chairman Joanne Blacker  with DAC President Mimi Claughton and Guest Artist David Thomas R.I.B.A.

Joanne Blacker Gwen Clarke Mimi Claughton David Thomas R.I.B.A.

Best Pastel – below Jean Balarkas pictured  in front of  her Driffield Art Club Trophy -winning pastel titled ‘Wansford in Spring’


Best Water Colour – below Robert Kelly accepts the Richardson Cup Trophy from Guest Artist David Thomas R.I.B.A

Robert Kelly Mimi Claughton David Thomas R.I.B.A

Any Other Medium – below Kay Jones accepts the Yorkshire Ridings Magazine Award for her painting titled ‘Cumbrian Cottage’ from Guest Artist David Thomas R.I.B.A. (‘Cumbrian Cottage’ is Featured at the top of this page)

Kay Jones

Still Life – below Denise Charlton with her painting titled ‘Pink Tulips’ winner of the Schofield Tankard for Interior/Still Life

Denise Charlton and her Painitng titled 'The Pink Tulips'

Innovation – Kelvin Lund accepts the Anthony Steel Trophy

from Guest Artist David Thomas R.I.B.A.


Mary Wells, category – Pastel

Sheila Copeland, category – watercolour

Jill Nicholls, below with David Thomas and Mimi Claughton, category – Any other

Gillian Nichols

Denise Charlton, Acrylic

Visitor’s Choice Trophy

DAC Chairman Joanne Blacker, below left,  presented Mary Wells, below right, with the Visitor’s Choice Trophy for her pastel ‘Stoney Creek in Winter’ (below) which had won the most votes by visitors to the exhibition.

Stoney Creek WInter 72dpi

me and jo winner of rose bowl 2014

The winner of the raffle prize – a painting by Peter Walker, kindly donated by his widow Gladys – was Dorothy Skinner, right,  who is pictured below with DAC Chairman Joanne Blacker .



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