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Programme of meetings 2016 – 2017

line Programme of meetings 2016 – 2017

19 September 2016 Annual General Meeting

Please scroll down for Monday meetings then for Workshops.

7.00pm – 8:00pm

Meeting ends 9.00pm

8:00pm- 9:00pm Keith Britton, a photographer and Science teacher from Hedon in East Yorkshire who will be showing us a selection of his fascinating and very skilful work.

Keith is working on several projects including capturing the tide coming in. This involves using a long exposure to smooth out the waves in the sea or soften the flow of a river.

Keith’s work can be viewed at https://500px.com/kbr61263


11-15th October 2016

Annual Exhibition

The Exchange, Driffield (Courtesy Messrs Dee, Atkinson & Harrison)

Sunday 9th October Handing In 10:00am to 12 noon

Preview – Monday 10th October – 7:30pm

Exhibition Opening by Mimi Claughton, President at 8:00pm

Guest Artist/Judge Rose Horspool

Exhibits to be collected between 4:00pm and 5pm on Saturday 15th October 2016


17th October 2016

John Harrison – A Yorkshire Coastal Scene – line and wash

21st November 2016

Heather Burton – Acrylics, How to get Started with a Palette Knife, Landscape and Portrait

12th December 2016

Christmas Party

Rose Horspool on David Hockney

Please bring food contribution/nibbles and your artwork entry for the Bobbie Simmons Memorial Cup on the theme of  ‘Florally Inspired’

16th January 2017

Rob Gobel – Water Based Mixed Media Techniques/Landscape

20th February 2017 

Elizabeth Nast

Three Types of Printing, Lino, Woodcut and Drypoint

20th March 2017

Cath Inglis – Pastel, A Running Hare

18th April Easter Tuesday 2017

Anthony Barrow -Mixed Media Portrait

15th May 2017

Lorraine Walker – Batik on Paper

19th June 2017

Shirley Davis Dew – Watercolour Landscape

17th July 2017

June Hardy – Boats, Mixed Media with Acrylic

Committee Meetings:

Monday 13th March 2017 in the meeting room, Driffield Community Centre, Westgarth – 7.00pm to 9.00pm

Monday 11th September 2017 in the meeting room, Driffield Community Centre, Westgarth – 7.00pm to 9.00pm


Saturday Workshops

Held in Nafferton Village Hall, Middle Street, Nafferton YO25 4JS

10.00 am to 4.00 pm

(*unless otherwise stated).

Prepay £20.00 each

Non members £30 each

(unless otherwise advised)

Nafferton Workshops 2016-17

1 October – Gwen Scott, Watercolour

5 November

Pat Thompson – Oil and Acrylic

3 December

Nicky Clacy – Papier Mache


7 January

Pam Williams – Watercolour

4 February

John Naylor – Pastel

11 March

Peter Woolley – Watercolour

1 April

Ann Barnham – Pen and Watercolour

6 May

Wendy Tate – Dry Point & Mono Print Technique

3 June

Bruce Mulcahy – Oil & Acrylic

If you are not a member of Driffield Art Club but would like to visit for one of these meetings, please contact us: mail@driffieldartclub.co.uk