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DAC committee

line DAC committee

Committee Meetings:

Held in the Meeting Room, Driffield Community Centre, Westgarth, Mill Street Driffield

7.00 to 9.00pm


 Driffield Art Club Officials and committee members

President Cath Inglis

Vice President – vacant

Chair Mary Wells – tel: 0781 217 8282

Vice Chair – vacant

Treasurer Janet Saxby

Social Sec. Kay Jones (ends Sept 2017)

Programme Sec. Sally Haylock (ends Sept 2017)

Workshop Sec. Brian Mellonby (ends Sept 2017)

Publicity Eric Harrod

Social Media Teresa Hollins (post to be ratified at AGM Sept 18 2017)

Secretary Sally Bell

Minutes Helen Barley


Other committee Members

Duncan Baird

Jane Brigham

Rachel Crawford

Rhona Rowley

Job Descriptions summarised
  1. President – Presides as necessary at special events
  2. Chairperson – Chairs comms meetings, introduces guests at monthly meetings and other events
  3. Treasurer – takes care of finances
  4. Social Sec. – takes care of memberships
  5. Programme Sec. – organises programme of monthly meetings
  6. Workshop Sec. – organises monthly workshops
  7. Publicity – press relations, works with others to ensure programme, posters and invitations are printed in time
  8. Social Media – responsible for Facebook and website updates
  9. Secretary – secretarial duties at meetings and communications in between
  10. Minutes – minutes all comms meetings and AGM