David Credland

David lives in Driffield and paints in oils.

Now retired, his main passion is for landscape scenes connected with East Yorkshire’s wetlands, especially the Driffield Canal and the associated length of the River Hull.

David enjoys kayaking and is a commissioner with the Driffield Navigation Trust.

A Typical Brigham Scow (36″ x 24″) oil on canvas
Skipton in Spring (20″ x 30″) oils on canvas
Pink Water Lilly (9″ x 12″) deep edged canvas.
The Sentinel
Kayaks at Brigham (20″ x 30″)
Mandarin Drake (14″ x 18″) oils on canvas
Riverhead, Driffield (18″ x 24″)
Kayak View of the River Hull (20″ x 30″)
Swan on the River Hull (20″ x 30″)
Red Sail at Brigham 14″ x 18″ oils on canvas