Another interesting evening was enjoyed at the latest Meeting held on Monday 16th January in the Driffield Community Centre, Mill Street.

A demonstration on water based mixed media techniques was given by Rob Gobel, a retired dentist from Kilham,

The demonstration certainly lived up to its title as Rob showed his individual technique of mixing water colours  with pastels, acrylics, inks, pen work and various washes all together in one composition.

Art Club members were intrigued by Rob’s laid back approach to his work and there was plenty of interest in the different techniques which members were encouraged to apply to their own work.

The Chair, Mary Wells, thanked Rob for his talk and announced that the next meeting is scheduled for Monday 20th February at 7 pm when Heather Burton of Spaldington would be returning to further develop her acrylic palette knife paintings, begun at an earlier demonstration  in November.

Visitors are always welcome at any forthcoming meetings.

photograph: Rob Gobel with a typical mixed media landscape