Brian Edward Mellonby


Born in Bridlington.

Brian became interested in Art when attending St Georges School in the 1950’s.

He moved to Driffield in 1969 after getting married, he did some Artwork in the 70’s, then dabbled in painting over the years, only taking it up as a full-time hobby after retiring in the 80’s.

He first attended the Artist (Andrew Storrie’s) evening Art class at the East Riding Collage and after many years still attends his classes at Lund to this day.

After joining the Driffield Art Club he became the Workshop Secretary for eight years, booking numerous artists and enjoying working in most types of mediums. He has picked up lots of techniques along the way from the different Artists he booked, averaging at least 10 workshop per year.

Also a member of art classes with various other local Artists from the around the area, and in the process he is finding his own style.

Brian has also had his work exhibited at local galleries and exhibitions over the years.