Mimi Claughton

Mimi was President of Driffield Art Club from December 2013 until September 2016.

Of her background in Art Mimi writes: “Although I went to Hull College of Art, studying Ceramics and Lithography, then to Leeds College of Art for my Teaching certificate, I didn’t really do any painting. Four children and part-time teaching meant that it wasn’t until I moved to Leven in 1988  that I  had time to think – what now?

That  was when I met Doreen Richardson and she suggested, quite firmly, that I should join Driffield Art Club – which I did .

I also went to Adult Education classes in painting with Jill Carter and joined life drawing classes (which I still go to). I attended many residential courses, ranging from 3-5 days, local printmaking courses in Barton and Hull.

Under the watchful eye of Doreen (Chairman) and then Hector Fraser (Driffield Art Club’s previous President until his death early in 2013) I served my time on the DAC committee, organised visiting tutors for the monthly winter workshops and  became Chairman when Doreen had to stand down due to Geoff’s ill health

I was artist in residence at Burton Agnes Hall for 1 month in 2002 and 2003 and shared a two week slot in 2004. I think this was when I really got to grips with painting. Since then I have been a member of East Riding Artists (ERA) and have regularly exhibited in local Art Galleries such as the Ferens in Hull and the Treasure House, Beverley.”

Mimi continues: “Hector has been a very hard act to follow as he had so many contacts in the local area and knew so much about the history of Driffield Art Club. He was a very keen Painter and Pastelist and had work exhibited in the Mall Galleries in London. He spread his enthusiasm to us all.

We are very lucky to have such a thriving club and a membership which is still growing , and I know that the many new members will bring more ideas and various skills to add to our group.

As well as being a member of Driffield Art Club, I am member of East Riding Artists and attend local life drawing classes. I enjoy trying a variety of mediums and have even bought an iPad ( influenced by the Hockney exhibition of 2012) but I keep returning to painting in acrylics.

I like being out in the landscape, although on a recent visit to the Summer Isles off the north west of Scotland I certainly didn’t get good weather but was still able to draw and paint outside every day.”

Last year Mimi ran a painting workshop for DAC members which gave us all an insight into her working practices and the opportunity to try our hand at being free with colours and mark making – something which is an ongoing challenge to most artists but which comes as second nature to Mimi with stunning results, as you will see when you view the samples of her work here.

Her latest work was created using an iPad under the tuition of her art teach run Croatia at a recent art holiday. This has already inspired many members to ‘have a go’!

To Contact Mimi:

Tel: 01482 863316

Email: mimi@claughton40.karoo.co.uk