At our meeting on June 15th Chris Tkacs from Derbyshire demonstrated the techniques and processes he uses in creating abstract landscapes in oils. He recommended using good quality oil paint for a better result.

Chris brought a painting he had started by painting over an ‘under painting’ of reflections of trees in water using white oil primer paint mixed with a medium to give a bit of a ‘glossy feel’ – he explained that his inspiration came from sketches he makes while out and about.

Next came colour mixing – he explained the importance of mixing a palette of colours that relate on the canvas.

Chris talked us through his thought processes as he painted and the decisions he was making about what worked best on his painting as it emerged.

The result – although not intended as a finished piece on the night – was very interesting and caused a lot of discussion amongst members. We look forward to receiving a digital copy of the final painting from Chris at some point.

Some of his finished paintings are shown below. These have been framed at his gallery and framing business below:

Chris and Krystyna Tsacz

Little London Gallery, Nightingale House, Church Street, Holloway Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 5AY

DAC member Hans Schild was invited to add a splash of colour to the painting at the close of the demonstration following  a Q & A session – here he is doing his ‘Mr Turner’ impression by adding a red triangle!