Demonstration by Claire West on Jan 19th 2015

image flamingo

Claire West treated us to a very entertaining demonstration using acrylic paint and inks on a large canvas set on an easel.

Covering the canvas with many bright colours Claire then laid the canvas on the floor and invited members  of the audience to sprinkle inks onto it. Once dry she put the canvas back on the easel and started over-painting parts

of it with two flamingo bird designs. She showed us how she tackles this kind of abstract work through its various stages, thought processes and actions to get the unique effect which is her trademark.

Claire brought some more recent work along to show the art club members. One example is shown below the picture of Claire painting her flamingos.




Demonstration by Oliver Lovley on Oct 20th 2014

Oliver demonstrated his design and illustration techniques using his own inks created with onion skins, grass cuttings and walnut dye.

Oliver lovley


Below ‘Trent Bridge’ the final painting by Oliver Lovley Trent Bridge Embankment

Demonstration by Vivienne Cawson on June 21st 2014

Monday June 21st 2014 was Driffield Art Club’s demonstration by visiting artist Vivienne Cawson. Vivienne demonstrated watercolour flower painting and this was her finished piece of work.

Viv Cawson final

Demonstration by Geoff Kersey on Feb 17th 2014

Geoff, who is from Matlock in Derbyshire, came to do a watercolour demonstration on Monday February 17th at Driffield Art Club.

The hall at the Community Centre at Westgarth on Mill Street in Driffield, where the Driffield Art Club hold their monthly meetings, was packed with members and visitors to watch the demonstration. They were not disappointed as Geoff demonstrated his techniques beginning by explaining which colours he uses and for what purpose. He had chosen to paint a scene from the Derbyshire Peak District in wintertime.

It was a Masterclass in the use of watercolours showing how to create light and atmosphere with good quality watercolours and brushes from the SAA.

Geoff has written many books on watercolour and oil painting and produced several DVDs on the subject.

His website is:

Geoff Kersey in his studio for ad


Pastel demonstration by Linda Matthews on Nov 18th 2013

Linda mentions her visit on her blog

” demonstrated at Driffield Art Club in East Yorkshire on Monday 18 November – a lovely group of people. This gave me a excuse to take a bit of a breather and spend time with OH ”


Linda demonstrates her pastel technique to DAC on 18th November 2013

Linda demonstrates her pastel technique to DAC on 18th November 2013

Oil painting demonstration by Paul Blackwell on Oct 21st 2013

North Yorkshire Artist Paul Blackwell gave DAC members  a demonstration of oil landscapes on Monday 21st October at DAC’s monthly meeting.

Paul sketched a landscape in charcoal on a canvas in situ at Malham, in the Dales.

He took it back to his study and made some small colour sketches to work out how he wanted to approach the painting.

Although the sketch was quite detailed Paul began the demonstration by rubbing out most of the image with a clean cloth. There was enough of a sketch left on the canvas to guide the painting.

Paul laid various thin layers of oil – mixed with turps – to allow under painting colours to show through.

He explained that normally he would leave the oil to stand for several days to dry.

Paul Blackwell demonstrtates his painting techniques at Driffield Art Club 20 October 2013: Driffield Art Club

Paul Blackwell with his demonstration painting